Blue 3-Piece Dog Birthday Party Tutu Set

Happy Birthday to puppy! Your pup will steal the limelight in this adorable 3-Piece Dog Birthday Costume Set by Legendog in blue.

Product Description:

Set includes:

  • 1 x Birthday Crown
  • 1 x Sequin Bow Tie
  • 1 x Tutu skirt
  • 5 x Number decal (1-5)
  • 1(sheet) x Glue dots


Please measure using these dimensions before ordering:

  • Crown: 2.9 inches wide x 3.12 inches tall
  • Bow Tie: 2.9 inches wide x 1.96 inches tall
  • Adjustable Collar: 10.14 inches - 12.48 inches
  • Tulle Skirt Waist: 13.26 inches

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